May 13, 2009

$20 Target gift card coupon on baby catalog

$20 Target gift card coupon on baby catalog
Thanks daisy19890
She wrote
" I got a Target baby catalog in the mail and attached to the front was a peeli coupon for a free $ 20 Target Gift card when you start a baby registry.
The registry can be made online or at the kiosk at the store. I took my coupon and registry to Target today and got the gift card. They did give me the scanner to scan items into the registry, so I just went to the baby section and scanned a few items to make it look good. No questions from the clerk regarding the "pregnancy" or "baby." Don't know if men might get funny looks I have no idea how I got on the mailing list for this catalog. "
If you are expecting or know some one whos is here is a link to start saving with baby items
Target Baby Magazine

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lilskrimp01 said...

That is a great offer for when you register for your baby registry!