May 14, 2009

CVS Beauty Book

These are all CVS Qs and expire 9/15/09:

$1 off Speed Stick Pro, Lady Speed Stick 24/7, or Lady Speed Stick Clinical Proof
$1 off Softsoap scrub or Irish Spring body wash 15-18 oz
$2 off Colgate Visible White toothpaste
$1 off Colgate Wisp 16-ct
$2 off Softsoap Ensembles pump or base

These are all CVS Qs and expire 8/31/09:
$2 off Essence of Beauty lotion candle
$2 off any Cristophe$1 off any Viologie
$1 off any Fruitopia$1 off any CVS brand suncare
$2 off EOB Flawless Pedicure System
$2 off any Skin Effects

These are all MFQs and expire 8/31/09 unless otherwise noted:
$1.50 off Kotex or Poise - expires 9/1/09
$2 off any Veet - expires 12/31/09
$1 off 2 Dasani or Evian 1-liter bottles
$1 off Hershey's Kisses 8-oz or larger$0.50 off 20-oz Vitamin Water 10
$1 off SmoothAway hair removal system - expires 10/30/09

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