May 28, 2009

Wal-marts in store FREE Samples!!

In one of the forums that I go to someone posted this, I hope what he says is true because that would be great. Free samlpes at Wal-Mart Stores. They must be hurting for them to actually making there customers happy.
If you see these deals and when he starts posting when and where I will let everyone know. So keep on the look out at your local Wal-Mart (weekends) for those free samples!! And Thanks Gopherfan for the heads up.

"Hello, I am a "demonstrator" at a local Wal Mart, this is a relatively new program where we give food and product samples out on the weekends. If anyone is interested, I can update this thread each week to notify everyone of what kind of free samples you can get. Let me know if you are interested. I am doing this because some of the free samples are great! (Trial size deodorants, trial size eye drops, bags of sunchips, shampoos, etc.)"

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