June 19, 2009

Meijer's Rewards Program

Meijer DOES offer a rewards program! You can read more about it here at, Meijer: Meijer Community Rewards You will receive 2 cards and 1 keyring card to scan when you make purchases at Meijer.

You can also link this card to your UPromise account so that a community program or group such as a church or a school you choose will receive a percentage of the amount you spend. The UPromise account will receive rewards based on participating items you purchase. Visit the link above for More details. All this time shopping at Meijer's and I didn't know about this! Kicking myself for how much I could have been giving back.

My community area currently does not have any local programs that I can sponsor. So if you would like me to put your church, school or other function on my card, please leave a comment with your pick and its code. They said that I would be receiving my card with in 2-4 weeks. When I get my card in I will randomly choose a charity to add to my Meijers Rewards Card. It would be a great way to give back even more to your community. Good Luck to all your charity's.

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