September 3, 2009

Free Fiber One Cereal & Sample Bar Plus $5 in Coupons!!

The other day while walking to my mailbox I was thinking "Please don't let there be bills today". See on that day everything seemed to go wrong, but when I opened the mailbox to my surprise was a box from Fiber One & inside the box was a FREE Sample of Fiber One Cereal + Fiber One Bar + $5 in Coupons (ummm chocolate)

That made my day. Fiber One products are so delicious at first I was a little cautious to try the cereal, with all the stereo types out there for eating healthy cereal I was afraid it would taste like cardboard. But When I took my first bite of my Fiber One Honeynut Clusters Cereal, I thought "wow this is really a great tasting cereal" The fiber One cereal was light,crispy and had just the right amount of sweetness.

The Fiber One Bars before are also really great I was surprised how many chocolate chips were in the bar. Most snack bars that offer chocolate chips or any other flavor for that matter seem to skimp on the one part that attracts your taste buds to their snack bar. Fiber One doesn't each one of their flavors has an ampule amount in each bar. There is no comparing the Fiber One Bars to anything else, they are in a class of there own.

To get your FREE Sample of Fiber One Cereal + Fiber One Bar + $5 in Coupons delivered to your mailbox just click on the links.

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