September 20, 2009

My Meijer's Friday Trip VENT!!

Friday morning I headed off to Meijer's, everything was going fine until I went threw the checkout. Luckily the girl closed her lane after me so this time I didn't feel rushed. I had two transactions. After she was finished scanning the first transaction I gave her the coupons with only 1 Meijer's coupon ($5.00 off Purina) . It wasn't scanning, go figure, so she asked the cashier next to her what to do.
She then apologized to me & said she has "never worked as a cashier before & that they just threw her on there & the cashier working beside her was teaching her as they worked". I told her that it was fine it gave me time to put my second transaction on the belt. Then this older lady shows(not the cashier that was to help her). Looking at the coupon that beeped, she then proceeds to push buttons on the register & still nothing. The older lady then takes the coupon to the managers office. When she comes back she asks me where I got the coupon from, I told her from the Meijer's website. From the look on her face I knew she was going to cause problems for me.

As we wait for the older lady to come back the cashier starts to scan my FREE coupons(Try me Free). Well what do you know the first on beeps, it was the Cascade rinse coupon. The older lady comes back and she wants to see if it's the right product. The bag with the cascade was at the bottom of my cart, FULL cart. After I got it out and put everything else back she pushes more buttons and finally 1 of my many coupons goes threw. The older lady then proceeds to ask me more about the Meijers coupon ($5off Purina), she wanted to know if I got the correct food by looking at the bag of food. What do you know it's at the bottom of my cart!
I am normally a nice polite person but by that point me & the younger cashier were fed up with this lady butting in. The younger cashier told her "no she will not pull everything back out again" & said that the dog food was correct. Older lady pushed some buttons and the $5 was taken off. You would think that's the end of her but wrong. She grabbed the rest of my coupons I had and looked at them slowly one by one. I had two coupons for free cereal 1 Kashi & 1 Rice Krispy. When she was looking at them she asked if they were I got them I told her from I told her from VocalPoint. She them scans them and WHAT DO YOU KNOW they beeped!!!

By this point I'm so fed up with Meijer's, every other coupon was beeping. When the Free cereal ones beeped the older cashier took all my coupons again to the manager. I was done with this lady & so was the younger cashier. The younger cashier asked for a manager, when the manager can up to me thinking I asked for her she was surprised to find out that the younger cashier was the one to complain about the older lady. I thought that when the manager can up that I would finally get some results and get out of there.
WRONG!!! This manager was just as stupid as the older cashier lady. The manager actually made it worse. She had no clue about the coupon policy whatsoever. She actually told me that Meijer's new coupon policy was that and I quote " They(Meijer's) can only except 1 manufacturer coupon per transaction and 1 Mealbox coupon per transaction". I told her NO and then explained Meijer's coupon policy to her. The older lady was beside her and asked "How do you know that" I told her "the web" and continued to explain the Meijer's coupon policy to the store Manager. She kept repeating the same thing over & over I finally told her "look if you are only aloud to have 1 manufacturer coupon per transaction "Why do you double up to 2 of the same coupons? I'm not stupid I know my sh*t." After that the manager just scanned all my coupons without a peep. Until the end she said sorry for the inconvenience have a new day. Yeah right 40 min later. I told her I will be contacting corporate about this, I had dairy product in my cart & I live 30 min away.

Sorry this is so long but I can't believe that this happened. I felt bad for the young cashier, she shouldn't have been put in that position. The older cashier & manager, well they can ************* few choice words. By the way my total before coupons $179.86 after coupons $64.08. I told them that is why I use coupons.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you had problems with Meijers. It wasn't the coupon i sent you was it? I would hate to think it was. I've had problems with them too. Sometimes it makes me wonder. I hope you send a nasty letter to coporate. I'm afraid, after all that trouble, I would have said, forget it. You put it back, give me back my coupons and I would have left. Possibly to try the store in Jeffersonville. But then again, my redheaded temper and stubborness would make me really hardheaded and cause them inconvenience. That poor young cashier, you have to feel sorry for her.