October 25, 2009

FREE Sears Poratrait Collage

FREE Sears Poratrait Collage & No Sitting Fee $44.98 Value!

Click Here to get your FREE portrait collage (a $44.95 value) at your local Sears.
Free portrait collage is 8x10. Limit one per family, per session.
Free portrait collage not valid with any portrait package, special offers or other discounts. Better hurry it ends 10/31/09!

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angela said...

The e-mail states you will receive a free 8'10 picture from sears, but when I took my kiddos to get their free hall. pic, they said you will get the 8'by 10 pic free but only with a $7.99 minimum purchase.
That's not how I read it, a little dissapointed, even though that is still inexpensive.

palmyraboxers said...

Huh? Did he show you anything that stated that there was a min purchase? I read the fine print before posting it to make sure it didn't have a hidden price but I didn't see any. If he didn't show proof that there was a min. purchase they would have to give you it free. They advertised it as free.

Sorry that you had to pay I hate it when companies try to place hidden cost on their advertised free items. It not good buisness for them and it make people who post things look bad too. Hopefully you got a really cute 8x10 though.

Angela said...

Hi. I received an e-mail on that pic. as well as seeing your post so I actually printed the e-mail and took it with me so I wouldn't have any problems but they said it says in the small print to ask store associate for details. I guess the details are the $7.99 minimum purchase. She did apologize but I didn't get the pic. only for the plain fact that I didn't want to give them my money for false advertising or at least I feel like it was, but I wouldn't want you to stop posting things. I'm happy for the great deals I find from people like you so don't feel bad it's not your fault. It's kind of hard to read between the lines if we don't know what were looking for.