May 16, 2010

Hello, Remember me?


Remember me? I'm sorry I haven't been around in a while. I have had some health issues that needed to be taken care of. I don't mind letting you know what I found out. But first let me tell you what symptoms I had.

Over the past couple of years I have had a weird thing happen to me hands and feet, mainly during the cold months, they would turn purple or white. My hands and feet weren't getting any oxygenated blood to them. Since it didn't really bother me I just dismissed it. Well now that I am going back to school it has gotten worse (10 times worse). I still brushed it off until one night I started having heart problems. That scared me enough to talk to a doctor about whats going on.

After some x-rays and blood work I found out that I have Raynaud's Disease.  Raynaud's Disease is a circulatory disorder that results in the hand & feet being hypersensitive to the cold. When the hands & feet are exposed to the cold temps the small arteries that supply the toes and fingers suddenly contract and go into spasm. As a result the fingers & toes are deprived of adequate amounts of oxygenated blood, and become whitish or bluish in color.

So basically I'm allergic to the cold, and need to take meds and bundle up when it's cold. 

Thanks to everyone who have wondered were I've been and making sure everythings ok. I'm glad to jump back into  freebies & deals.

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JesusFreak said...

So sorry to here about your health issues but I'm glad you've got some answers. Been wonderin about you;) I'll be praying for you!