September 1, 2009

Introducing Dinovites Free Sample Pack

I am excited to tell you about this Free Dinovites Sample Pack It contains 4 2oz tubes of Dog Shampoos, 4 packs of Vitamins Sprinkles and a 8oz tube of Lick O'Chops Gravy.

Here is a little info about what Dinovites can offer your dog:
Have you ever tried feeding your dogs the best "complete" dog food you can afford? And, in response, your dogs itching, scratching and shed like crazy. Then there's the chronic ear problems, the yeast, the stinky skin & the unidentified rashes. Even from the "best, most complete" dog foods.

Dinovite products fill in the nutritional gap left by the heat processing of your dog's food. All those delicate nutrients, digestive enzymes, beneficial bacteria, Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids that your dog needs in easy to feed supplements.
Start giving your dog the nutrition he needs.

I can't wait to try this out. For the health of my 10yr old poodle, Butch. He has had itchy skin for a while & every time he "breaks out" we try something different with his diet. If this helps him I would be so grateful to Dinovites for basically adding years to his life. He gets so depressed when he "breaks out" and literally wines and scratches until he bleeds. :(

And one of my good friends has a chocolate lab mix who has allergies to her dog food which causes her to have yeast infections in her ears. I can't wait to get my FREE Sample & report how both dogs are doing by using the Dinovite Samples.

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