September 1, 2009

Sign up to Vocalpoint

Ever wonder what all the buzz is about? Where do people get those great high value coupons to keep for themselves & some to give to friends? Well I will tell you were from

Vocalpoint offers you great opportunities to receive those high value coupons in the mail & be able to print off some of those coupons on their website. Vocalpoint also offers you great recipe ideas and read what others are saying about the new products that are out there.

I recently received coupons for Kellogg's Rice Krispy Cereal, one of those coupons was for a FREE FULL SIZE BOX the others were for $1.50 off!! You can't find those kinds of coupons anywhere else. If you aren't a current member of Vocalpoint sign up today that way you can look forward to opening your mailbox (both of them).

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